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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Talim
Series: Soul Calibur 2 
Debuted: Anime Expo 2004
Creation: Self made
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About this costume

Selection Process: I love reppin' my heritage - and to my knowledge, Talim was the first video game character to have been assumed to be Filipino. So, naturally, I had to cosplay her.

Construction: Sadly, this costume was never finished and never will be. I wasn't very driven to work on cosplay way back then. I made the top and shorts mostly myself with some direction from my mom. I made the leggings and topped them over some old work shoes. The necklace was made with clay. A friend of mine made the tonfa's - they are solid wood.

Final Thoughts: I'm a bit sad when I look back at pics and see how unfinished the costume was. Even wearing it I was a bit ashamed. Hopefully there will be plans for another Talim in the near future.

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