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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Honey
Series: Fighting Vipers 2
Debuted: Anime Expo 2002
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: BlankLogo Photography


About this costume

Selection Process: Man, the Sega Saturn is the most underrated Sega system ever, and my favorite! When I played through Fighting Vipers, I knew I wanted to cosplay Honey, but I never got around to it. Then I got my hands on the Japan only Fighting Vipers 2 - and fell in love with Honey's new outfit!

Construction: My mom made the base dress, which is just a simple dress with puffy sleeves and a gathered skirt. There is a hidden pocket on the front of the skirt concealed by the apron. I made the apron, and all the details of the dress. I drafted out patterns for the arm and leg pieces, which was tricky - I created a garter belt for the leg pieces that have to be put on by someone else as I can't reach my bum once everything is on. Oops. The metal shackles are made from PVC covered in electrical tape - my dad made those! My wings are simply painted cardboard and a bit of feather boa. The shoes changed a few times - I went with some vintage kitten heels to start because I wasn't nearly as bold in my real life to be bold in my cosplay life. However, the last time I wore this cosplay I went all out with the high platform pumps. I also rocked some faux bangs, which I never did before because I thought, hey, my hair is close enough. 

Final Thoughts: This is one of my absolute favorite cosplays ever, and probably the one I've worn the most. It definitely meets that sexy/cute vibe that I love. I was a bit sad when I could no longer fit in it but that also gave me the opportunity to move on and make greater things! It was also the only costume I ever competed in solo, at a local comic book shop, and won!

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