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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Lum
Series: Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens)
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2008
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: BlankLogo Photography


About this costume

Selection Process:  Urusei Yatsura was one of my first ever anime, made by my favorite author, Rumiko Takahashi. I had done a Battle suit Lum, so I knew I had to do classic Lum!

Construction: There's not much on how to make this costume! I used Sharpie on the yellow faux fur to make the stripes, although in hindsight I would have used a fabric marker because it bleeds. I made the horns from clay. Faux elf ears purchased online, and the wig from a local store.

Final Thoughts: Lum is a classic anime character, so regardless of the age of the anime, she gets noticed a lot. Plus, who doesn't love a tiger striped bikini?

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