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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Arrietty
Series: The Secret World of Arrietty
Debuted: Phoenix Comic-con 2016
Creation: Purchased
Profile Photo: Rudy Mieth


About this costume

Selection Process:  I went home on vacation while I was living in Dubai and I always try to schedule it around Arizona's biggest convention. My family had planned to do Ghibli Studio cosplays so I had to put this one together in a short time. While Kiki is my favorite character, my sister wanted to be Kiki so I opted for underdog Arrietty.

Construction: The dress, bags, boots and wig were purchased from Amazon. Somehow I still didn't think about using craft foam for her hair clip so I used clay which turned out to be so heavy! The sugar cube is just a styrofoam block and the needle is a painted wooden dowel. My cousin wanted to join at the last minute as No-Face so I made his mask (out of CRAFT FOAM NO LESS!) and used a balloon wrapped in foam to make the giant head!

Final Thoughts: I am a bit embarrassed by how poorly I put this costume together, especially since Studio Ghibli holds such a special place in my heart! I have plans to do Ghibli again in the future!

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