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Disney    Cosplay

Character: Lady Dimitrescu's Daughters
Series: Resident Evil Village
Debuted: 2021
Creation: Self-made
Profile Photo: Thermocosplay


About this costume

Selection Process: Thermocosplay already had a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay that she totally rocked. When our group booked a cabin in the woods for a cosplay photoshoot getaway, I had the idea to make this dress to shoot with Thermocosplay. I managed to make it using all the materials I already owned (sometimes being a craft hoarder pays off) and I had the idea to put Thermosidekick and AmberBrite in the same outfit and then put all of our photos together.

Construction: I started with Simplicity 8866 and made modifications as needed. I'm not skilled at draping so I just did what I've seen people do to create the gathering on the bust. I created the choker and brooches with resin (the brooches have magnets to attach to the dress and keeps the hood in place) and the necklace of knives was made out of craft foam.

Final Thoughts: This was probably one of the funnest and most creative shoots I've ever done with my talented friends! The atmosphere was perfect and we took turns wearing the dress and taking photos. I also love how Thermosidekick and AmberBrite made up their own look and we didn't worry too much about accuracy, as long as we had fun and were pleased with the outcome.

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