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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Nicholas D. Wolfwood            
Series: Trigun
Variation: Female
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2004
Creation: Purchased
Profile Photo: 

About this costume

Selection Process: My friend Luke made his first cosplay, and it was Vash from Trigun. He made such a great Vash that I decided to join him as Wolfwood, even though I'd only seen a few episodes.

Construction: Everything I wore was store bought, so it was pretty simple. I really only sewed on the cross cufflinks. I also wore nude colored fishnets to give the costume a bit more flair. I had help from my brother to make the cross - it was made with furniture foam and cotton fabric. I could have made it more durable with a PVC down the middle because it ended up bending over time. Considering it's actually supposed to be a machine gun, it kind  of ruined the illusion!

Final Thoughts: Luke definitely got all the attention, but considering he was quite shy, it helped that I was with him throughout his cosplay adventure!

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