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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Luna
Series: Sailor Moon
Variation: Human
Debuted: Tempe LibCon 2017
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography



About this costume

Selection Process: Surprise! I actually have a cosplay before my "first" one.. I was Sailor Jupiter for Halloween in jr. high school. My mom made it completely from a pattern and thank god there are no pics! I lent that costume out and never saw it again, but that's ok, I actually hate the Sailor Scout fukus but I loooooove Sailor Moon. I always had this costume on my to-do list, and when I saw Sailor Moon R at a screening in a local theater last year, I figured it was time.

Construction: I wanted quality materials, so I picked this silk, but it didn't lay as nicely as I'd hoped. I made this in two pieces- a dress and an underskirt. The underskirt consists of yards upon yards of black organza and black glitter tulle. Can you believe that I feel like it could use more? Unfortunately, the glitter shed everywhere, making cleanup a nightmare. I handmade the jewelry, making all the moon pieces out of clay. The wig is made of two wigs - both purchased on Amazon. I deconstructed a purple wig and sewed wefts of it into the black one. Sadly, the purple fibers were lower quality than the black and they tangle quite badly. I made the odangos but cutting holes in the middle styrofoam balls and feeding black wefts through. I later added rhinestones to the dress to add a little bling.

Final Thoughts: I love how girly and elegant this costume is. I have thought about adding more to the skirt but the thought of hemming that organza or dealing with glitter is just daunting. I'm also sad that the wig tangles so terribly, I have to spend 2 or 3 hours fixing it before I can wear it again. I'm not sure if I'll bring this one out again any time soon.

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