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Video Game Cosplay

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Character: Rinoa Heartilly   
Series: Final Fantasy 8 
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2001
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Apologetic Cosplay

game-on-expo-2018-rinoa- (17).jpg

About this costume

Selection Process:  My first cosplay EVAR! Final Fantasy 8 is my all-time favorite FF (I have a tattoo of Griever on my back) so of course I would cosplay Rinoa. My boyfriend at the time joined me as Squall, so we made his costume as well.

Construction: The hardest part of this costume was just finding ribbed blue fabric! I lucked out and found it in white, so I dyed it blue, and painted the wings on the back with a stencil I drew. I wore this costume a few times and every time I seemed to have lost either the shorts or the skirt so I had to remake them. I also seemed to misplaced my boots so just about a different pair every time. Yeah, I know.

Final Thoughts: 

 I always wanted to make the weapon she carries and all sorts of stuff, but it just never happened. I'm eager to remake this costume either in its original form (I still have the duster and arm pieces) or a different version, like a Hannah Alexander version. 

I pulled this costume out on a last minute whim to wear for Game On Expo! I had to make a new skirt as I didn't fit in the old one (oops!) but I am still very pleased that this costume has stood the test of time!

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