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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Tonberry King
Series: Final Fantasy 
Variation: (Sexy) Tonberry Queen
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2010
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Chanh Tang


About this costume

Selection Process: I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy pre-13. And, you know, every cosplay girl has that period of Sexy (Any character at all) phase. - That was a copy pasta of the Moogle girl. Just seeing if you were paying attention! Hey I was going through a lazy (sexy) cosplay phase, too!

Construction: The "outfit" is just a few strips of green stretch jersey knit. I made the cape and inserted wire in the hood. The wig was something I already owned and just touched up. The crown was made with wire and glitter craft foam. The sunglasses were from a 70's costume, the lamp was Harry Potter (crossover alert!) and the sword a generic Halloween one.

Final Thoughts: Well, it was definitely cool to wear in the middle of summer, so there's that.

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