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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Sylveon
Series: Pokemon
Variation: Sunset Dragon D&D Design
Debuted: Sabotencon 2018
Creation: 100% self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography


About this costume

Selection Process: My friend ThermoCosplay recruited me (and later my sister, Raven) to join a group to compete in the masquerade at Sabotencon. Our costumes would be eeveelutions based on designs by SunsetDragon, in which she re-imagines each one to be a different gijinka Dungeons and Dragons class. Sylveon was made to be a bard.

Construction: All of the ears in our group (except for Umbreon, which was just stuffing and fabric) were made with Fosshape which was sponsored by WonderFlex, thanks to Amber. It can be formed with heat and stays stiff and takes paint. I used acrylic and felt on the ears. For the top, I used an old bra and covered it in acrylic. I adorned it with rhinestones and strung beads from the bottom. The center bow is made of foam. The bolero was actually the most tricky one - I basically had to just make a pattern from trial and error because I couldn't find anything like it. I added horse hair braid to the edge of the sleeves along with trim I made from coins and sequins. The choker is made of foam and beads. I made the skirt free-hand; I made a waistband that would attach the hip pieces. All the hip and waist adornments are made of foam, painted and stones added. They attach with velcro. The tail is made with fabric, as well as the bow. Shoes were purchased from Goodwill and painted. I also purchased the tambourine on Amazon and added paint and ribbons.

Final Thoughts: I love Sylveon and I'm very pleased with how the costume turned out, and while we didn'twin any awards, our group looked phenomenal and everyone did a great job on their costumes. I wasn't completely comfortable in it as I have some personal fitness goals to meet, but overall I do like how the photos turned out. We did wear these costumes again for Taiyou-Con 2019 but I don'believe they will make another appearance in the future.

Our Eeveelutions: Eevee - Imagine Mini, Flareon - Amber Brite, Leafeon - Sam of ThermoCosplay, Espeon - Lina of ThermoCosplay, Umbreaon - Raven ( my sister), Jolteon - On Pins and Needles, Vaporeon - Stevie Spade, Glaceon - PrueDuctions

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