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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Chun-Li  
Series: Street Fighter 2     
Variation: Player 2 Pink
Debuted: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography



About this costume

Selection Process: Chun-li has always been a classic favorite. One of my first video games was Street Fighter 2, and I pretty much only played Chun-li! She's always been a character I wanted to cosplay, but I used to be really, really skinny, and I just felt it would have been out of place. While planning for costumes for PCF, on a whim I decided to make Chun-li, and I'm so glad I did. She's so fun to wear and easy to put on!

Construction: I took a bit of a different route than I think most people would have done. I took the top part of a pattern for Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers, because of the collar and giant sleeves, and then drafted the bottom myself. The fabric is a bright pink taffeta, and the skirt lining is a lighter shade of pink satin lining. The sash is stretch satin. The sleeves are made with a light interfacing to keep them looking puffy! The gold appliques were made using Yaya Han's 4 way stretch fabric and Heat N Bond. I drafted the hair buns and stuffed them with some quilt padding to buff them out. I made the bloomers out of matching pink Lycra, although I plan on remaking them. The bracelets were purchased from Spirit Halloween store, and the shoes and stockings purchased from Amazon.

Final Thoughts: I'm overall happy with the final costume. There were a few mishaps, like the gathering in the back, but I probably won't bother fixing it. It's definitely a costume I will keep on constant rotation.

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