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Video Game Cosplay

Character: D.Va
Series: Overwatch
Variation: Black Cat Skin
Debuted: Tempe LibCon 2018
Creation: Mostly self made
Profile Photo: CourteX Studios
Awards: Best in Masters - Game On Expo 2018


About this costume

Selection Process: I have an unhealthy obsession with Overwatch! And I'm also a closet Loli! So when this skin was released, I HAD to make it! So much so in fact I had to make it for the upcoming event just 5 days after the release!

Construction: I'm pretty good at sewing quickly, so I knew I could get this done in a short amount of time. Luckily I had some pieces already in my possession -'s gun (classic colors, purchased from AliExpress, so I repainted it), waist cincher (Spirit Halloween store), 1 pink petticoat, and the cat ears (from I purchased all the fabric from a local warehouse store, and made my own gathered lace. When I first made the costume, I didn't add the cat print at that point because of time. I did made a stamp later and added it to the garment. It's a blouse and skirt, instead of one dress. I made the choker belt and cuffs for the gloves. I purchased smart phone gloves from Amazon, as well as the stockings, heart charms (for the earrings and belt) and shoes. My shoes broke after wearing them for 10 minutes so I returned them and purchased a different pair from Wish. The first wig was purchased from Amazon, it was a long curly wig with 2 curly pony clips. I didn't want to cut anything so I styled the base wig into 2 ponytails which looked ok but the wig itself was a bit small. I ended up purchasing a base in a bob, cutting the pony clips and using that to this point. The cat template I used is from Mad Hatter's Workshop.


Final Thoughts: This is one of my most favorite cosplays! It's easy and fun to wear. I definitely prefer the cutesy costumes overall but I don't make as many as I want. Once I got the finishing touches on the costume, and I figured out the wig situation,  it just made it perfect!

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