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Black Cat D.Va

When Blizzard released this adorable skin, I decided I had to make it for the event that following Saturday! I managed to put together this costume with a combination of purchased and created items, and this tutorial will show you exactly how I did it!

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Blizzard, like a lot of video game companies these days, often offer reference kits of basic skins and in-game models. This definitely helped because the same day the skin was announced, it was updated in the game itself. I took some liberties with the skin since I know that a lot of details are left out due to the animations. I figured that if this was to be a TRUE lolita style, the trims would be frilly lace and a super curly wig.

We'll start from the top and work  our way down! For the wig, I initially ordered a long curly wig with 2 curly pony extensions. I didn't want to cut the wig so I ended up only using the base wig, and I messily parted it in 2 pigtails by using a zigzag style to hide the wig net. While it did the job, it was hard to maintain and needed a restyle after every wear. I ended up buying a short bob from the same seller on Amazon to ensure the color matched, and trimmed it to just above the back of my hairline and curled it under using a steamer, trimmed the bangs, and used the same pony clip-ins from the first wig. Lastly, I trimmed the pony extensions to just below my shoulders.


 First wig 


 Second wig 


For fabrics, I chose a light weight cotton in black and dark purple. Using a template from Mad Hatter's Workshop, and a stamp making kit from Michael's, I created my own stamp and glued it to floor mat foam for more stability. I mixed some silver and black acrylic paint and hand stamped the fabric. Initially, I made the costume first and then stamped it afterwards due to time constraints, but when I made a second one for a commission, I stamped the fabric first. Here's a link to the Speedball stamp kit.


When it came to the dress, I decided to make it a two piece rather than a single piece. I find that if it's possible to cover the waist, a 2 piece is much easier to make and wear. I used this Simplicity 1093 pattern for the blouse and skirt. Because I was short on time I didn't make the corset and had already owned a purchased one, but the one included in pattern works perfectly and would just need the bottom altered. For the blouse, I added interfacing to the sleeves to keep its puffy shape. For the skirt, I used the pattern twice - I altered the top later to match the style of skin.


I decided that to make this a more accurate lolita cosplay, I wanted to use a full, ruffly lace. Unfortunately I couldn't find one full and large enough, so I purchased about 20 yards of flat lace to make my own. I trimmed off the top and used that part to trim the neckline of the blouse and the over skirt. I created my lace by using a gather technique by setting my machine to its longest stitch, and then pulling the thread on one end to gather the fabric. I attached this with a topstitch over a 1/2" ribbon on the hem of the skirt.


To make the back bow and the smaller bows, I used a technique very similar to this one - DIY Fabric Bow. To make your bows puffy, cut a piece of batting the size of the finished bow minus 1/2" on each side, and insert it in the middle before closing off the main part of the bow. I sewed a large safety pin to the back to attach to the skirt rather than sewing it directly to the skirt.

Time for the accessories!

Gloves: I purchased black smart phone gloves on Amazon, and then created cuffs that velcro over them. The base is a 1" black bias tape. I made a pink ruffle using leftover bow fabric and black lace, and finished it off with a string of faux tiny pearls. I added a bow on one of the cuffs which sits on the right hand only.

Choker: I used a similar technique as the glove cuffs to make the choker, using a bit of trial and error to get the right fit.

Earrings: I purchased gold heart necklace charms (they are heavy but are the perfect size and shape) and attached them to earring hooks (you can find these at craft stores or online). They have to be secured with an earring back because they have a tendency of falling out.

Belt: Using a thick jewelry rope, I strung normal sized pearls and added another heart charm. On top of it, I added a fabric bow. On my commission, I added a clasp for easier wear.

Petticoats: I already owned a pink petti, but it wasn't giving the skirt enough poof. I ordered a black one of the same brand from Amazon and wear both together. Because the pettis are one size, I did alter the waistband and added elastic for a more comfortable fit.


Shoes: My first pair of shoes came from Amazon but unfortunately broke on the first wear. My second pair came from Wish and have stood for several wears so far. Check this pair out as a good alternative.


Stockings: I purchased burgundy stockings with a diamond design from Amazon. I used black sharpies to color the black diamonds - BUT - I do not recommend this method as the sharpie can stain other clothing pieces and come off on skin. Instead, try using fabric paint. The stockings I purchased don't appear to be available, so try these tights and creating your own diamond design.

Gun: I got a default skin light gun from AliExpress, made of plastic and wood. Using the same template from Mad Hatter's Workshop, I printed stickers and sealed them with modge podge. A cricut or similar would be great for this. I then painted it with acrylic, 3D printed the bow, and added a large bell. I could only find bells this large in huge quantities on Amazon!

Cat ears: I already owned a pair of pink and black cat ears I purchased from Yaya Han, so that was easy!

Waist Cincher belt: I purchased this from Spirit Halloween store in their after Halloween sale. You can find a similar one here on Amazon.

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