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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Sole Survivor  
Series: Fallout 4
Debuted: Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019
Creation: 100% self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography


Final Thoughts: 

Man, I had a blast in this costume! I finally got to meet some of the awesome local community! There are things I don't like about the costume, but I don't think I'll be able to find this fabric again so cheap until I go back to the fabric district. But it was actually quite comfortable to wear. Having our big Fallout group was immensely fun and I plan on doing a shoot in this costume again on location!

Our Fallout 4 group: Workshop Ruby is Sam of ThermoCosplay, X-01 Power Armor is Venski87, Nick Valentine is Sam's mom, and Nuka Cola Girl is Lina of ThermoCosplay. Video by Thermocosplay.

About this costume

Selection Process: I'm a latecomer to the Fallout fandom, with F4 being my first, and I absolutely fell in love. I always had this on my to-do list and finally my friends wanted to do a group on the same day we were holding our F4 panel. Things came up prior to PFF so I only managed to make the vault suit 2 days before the con! I plan on making more armor and accessories.

Construction: The Pip Boy was purchased from Spirit Halloween on sale, and the wig was one I used previously for Qi'ra. I found this amazing light weight neoprene blue fabric in the LA fabric district. Unfortunately I didn't buy enough of it so I really had to skimp. I made the vaultsuit in 2 pieces for convenience! The top I made heavily altering a pattern inteded for Lord of the Rings style dresses (dumb me didn't have one ready when I was starting so just had to improvise!) The "quilt" look down the front was achieved by sewing 2 layers of the fabric together on a very tight stitch. When I realize I didn't have enough fabric, the rest of the quilted parts are just 1 layer. The gold trim is Yaya Han 4 way stretch. For the pants, I dismantled a pair I got from Goodwill to use as a pattern. Because my initial plan to just make a pair of pants and then sew a second layer of fabric on the sides for the quilting failed, I really had to puzzle piece the pants together, which made a weird twisting effect that makes the side patterns twist to the front. I hate it, :(, but it's not too noticeable when I wear high boots. I made one simple faux leather bracer for the right arm and adding some padding under the Pip Boy (it's like a giant one-size-fits-all). The belt pack is one I used for my Renaissance Festival costume! I stuck with the 50's pinup style hair and makeup because that's what I make Nora in my game! 

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