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Character: Sabrina Spellman         
Series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Variation: Red Dress
Debuted: Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: @Crisus519


TV & Movies Cosplay

About this costume

Selection Process: Ok, so I literallydecided to make this the day before PFF. I had purchased the fabric earlier in the day, but had to finish Sole Survivor. I finished it at 10pm and then of course, decided to make Sabrina. I don't typically like cosplaying real life people when they are a different ethnicity (I dunno, it's just a personal thing, like I mentioned with Qi'ra) but I love the show (and the original comics) so much and just always thought how easy that dress would be. 

Construction: I altered a dress pattern, and I actually cheated by making the front a faux button up and a zipper in the back because it was just easier and faster. The collar was ordered from Amazon, and the cuffs were made from the selvage of lace fabric and attached to elastic, not attached to the dress itself. The wig was already in my stash - I had wanted to shorten it time permitting, and still haven't really done it for my second round of photos. I definitely need a thicker headband! Stockings from my wardrobe, and character shoes were from Goodwill - they are in fairly good shape with just one broken strap that I fixed. As for the Polaroid, I had actually picked it up at Goodwill to give to someone and then I decided to keep it when I realized it was perfect for this cosplay! Sorry! It works and I loaded it up with some film and voila!

Final Thoughts: No one really recognized me, which is why I sometimes don't like cosplaying real life people, but it was a fun, easy and comfortable cosplay and that is ALWAYS a good thing!

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