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Character: Sabrina Spellman         
Series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Variation: Baxter High Cheerleader
Debuted: Summer 2020
Creation: Pre-made
Profile Photo: Ty Ng


About this costume

Selection Process: I have always loved the Archie universe, Sabrina included! Of course I read the original comics and watched the Melissa Joan Hart sitcom! I haven't read the new comics yet, but I loved the Netflix show. I have already done Sabrina in her red dress, and I was approached by the Cosplay Company to try out their costume. This company is based in the UK, and they are an official sponsor of our livestream, CosTalk Live.

Construction: Everything is purchased! The costume itself consisted of the top and skirt. The wig, pom poms and undershirt were purchased on Amazon. I found the shoes at Savers and I graduated them to my every day wardrobe!

Final Thoughts: The quality of this costume is AMAZING! It feels like a real cheerleader outfit, down to the embroidered letter. This costume was a lot of fun, and I was surprised I can still jump that high!

Where To Buy

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