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Character: Qi'ra         
Series: Solo: A Star Wars Story
Variation: Black Dress
Debuted: LepreCon 44, 2018
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography

About this costume

Selection Process: As soon as I sat in the theater and laid eyes on Qi'ra, I knew I would have to make every single one of her outfits. Then, I was invited to present at LepreCon last minute and wanted to finally make a Star Wars costume. I chose this one as it was fairly simple to make in a short amount of time. I don't usually choose such simple cosplays but I thought this would be a nice cosplay to wear if an event called for evening wear.

Construction: I took a pattern for a knee length dress and made alterations to the neckline and the skirt. I picked a stretched taffeta so that the sleeves wouldn't be so uncomfortable. I used a mustard gold satin for the skirt lining. I bought a belt from Goodwill, and added a strip of foam painted gold (and didn't seal it due to time so it cracked). The necklace was also made out of foam. I plan on remaking it with better materials!

Final Thoughts: The costume was easy to wear and can easily be converted into civilian wear! While it wasn't really recognized, I felt great in it and can't wait to wear it again!

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