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Character: Starfire        
Series: Teen Titans 
Variation: Cartoon Network
Debuted: Phoenix Comic Fest, 2018
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: M3 Photo


About this costume

Selection Process: Our family decided our group cosplay this year would be Teen Titans. I'll admit I'd never even seen the cartoon or knew anything about the comics, but I always admired Starfire's design. I did end up watching it while making the costume and ended up falling in love with Starfire!

Construction: Believe it or not, I'm not very good with stretchy fabrics! I used purple and silver lycra, and used the same silver fabric to cover the armor parts which are made out of craft foam. I was having issues with body paint, so I tried Mehron Paradise water based and I loved it! I also ordered my wig from Amazon and cut and styled the wigs using a steamer

Final Thoughts: This was a fun costume to wear and group to be a part of. I love Starfire's attitude and had a blast being her for the day! I'm not sure I'll bring her out again but there's always the possibility.

Robin is my nephew Doc, Cyborg is my nephew Seba, Deathstroke is their father (my brother), Raven is my sister and Tara is her daughter.

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