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Where did 2021 go?

I swear 2020 was yesterday! Since my last post, I obviously have not kept up on the blog but I've actually been so busy this year. I finished my sewing class and decided to take online summer sewing class, as well as continually making cosplay, non-cosplay and even commissions (very selectively). CosTalk Live has been going strong and I've even secured some partnerships and hopefully more in the future. In addition to my non-cosplay side of life, I've been working with groups like the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce, and most recently, as an on-camera host for the Asian Media Network. Oh, and I'm also just finishing up studying for my real estate license.


Somehow it's all just caught up to me at once and this week has been a whirlwind in my brain.

Sometimes I just want to do NOTHING for a whole week and be creative. But since I work from home, on my own hours, there's really no point... but still...

Currently, cosplay wise, here's what's going on:

-CosTalk Live still has its ongoing partnership and discount code COSTALKLIVE for 15% off with

-We've just discussed an ongoing partnership with PixyPros Selfie Museum with 2 locations - 1 in Tempe and 1 at Arrowhead Mall. We'll be the cosplay arm of the company, managing the cosplay night events and communicating and marketing

-We're teaming up with the SuperLadies Foundation donating a cosplay basket for a raffle prize for their winter ball in November.

-I've done a few collabs with another production group and a podcast

-I'm working on my 20th anniversary cosplay, a serious glow up - Rinoa Heartilly Hannah Alexander style!

-Working on a Moana costume commission for my princess party company

-Making plans for the first in-person con since the pandemic, SabotenCon.

If I'm so busy you ask, why am I taking time to write a blog? Writing definitely helps me organize my brain, and frankly, I don't do nearly enough of it. Blogging helped me so much in the past, and I'm trying to create habits in my overall goal of self-improvement! So hopefully this helps jumpstart it again and I can keep it going. Thanks for reading!

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