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Back to School Blues

Yeah you read that right! About probably 15 years since I've been in a legitimate college class, I've enrolled in Intermediate Sewing at the community college! I know, you're probably thinking... why do you need a class? You already know how to sew. Well, I'm pretty much self-taught and learned from my mother. I only ever took one formal sewing class back in the early 2000's.

My skills have definitely improved exponentially since I returned to the US in 2016 versus my whole cosplay lifetime. But I still struggle with some commercial patterns, advanced techniques and terms. My goal with this course is to feel comfortable with my skill to actually call myself... skilled!

The class meets in-person (very small class, only 9 students) every Monday and this week was our first session. I was so nervous, but once I got into the class I was so excited to meet the other students! It was a good blend of ages and interests. In fact, one woman had retired and was getting bored, so she decided to get her Associate's Degree in Fashion Design. Here I am in my late 30's thinking it's too late for anything, and Grandma shows me up! It's kind of got me thinking about possibly pursuing a degree, since I plan on taking more classes anyway.

I have honestly never ever considered getting a degree in any related field, but I think I'm at a stage in my life where it could be doable. Let's see how it goes before I make any big decisions!

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