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Wonderous WonderCon 2019

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I think I've finally recovered from WonderCon!

This past weekend was WonderCon 2019, and my first WonderCon ever. I have attended San Diego Comic-con from 1996 - 2012 intermittently but I don't see another visit in my future. It's just gotten too big and too difficult to get to. WonderCon is like SDCC's cute little cousin that everyone loves.

It all started just after Phoenix Fan Fusion last year when I met Prue of PrueDuctions and Liz of Ambrose Cosplay at the Disney meet up. They asked me to join their Hercules Muses group, which would compete in the masquerade at WonderCon. I had some personal issues throughout the year, including unemployment, which put my participation on the chopping board but in the end I was able to go!

Our lovely stand-in Kai decides to add some unapproved choreography

Prue and Liz made most of the costumes in our group; I helped with mine and some of the wigs. Prue choreographed the whole skit and edited the music and we practiced several times up until the event.

L-R: Val as Wonder Man, myself as Black Cat D.Va, Prue as Evil Queen/Breakfast At Tiffany's, Kai as poodle skirt Snow White, Kat as Janet from The Good Place, Liz as Wonder Woman

On the first day, I was met with wonderful cosplayers, polite photographers, and an easy to navigate layout. I love the giant fountain and open space in front of the convention center - and so does everyone else - because it's such an iconic spot for pictures.

The first day was fairly chill, a little bit of walking around the vendor hall, and just hanging about. Although it was only Friday, it was quite busy and I could just imagine what Saturday would be like. Our group decided to get back to our hotel in the early evening to finish some work on our costumes and practice! Dude are we fun at cons or what?!

How many cosplayers can you squeeze into one car?!

The next day, we donned some easy non-competition cosplays and went about our day. I slipped on my pink Chun-li; it's always a fan favorite; and hung out with my friend Raychul as Cammy. We mostly took photos and met up with some friends here and there until it was our masquerade call time. I'll have more pictures coming soon.

Once we met our call time, it was time to get serious! We changed into our Muse costumes, helped each other with last minute fixes, rehearsed, and then waited for what seemed forever in the green room for our turn, #19. While there, it was an amazing opportunity to meet the other competitors - I'm not a naturally competitive person, but I enjoy speaking to others about their craft - so it was a nice bonding time to get to know other amazing cosplayers and see their work close up. I really enjoyed the supportive atmosphere and if there was any bad blood I certainly didn't experience it.

Once onstage, we performed our skit without a hitch and I think I blacked out because I barely even remember performing it!

Video by Enrico Adata, you can see his video of the full masquerade here.

Cosplayers in our Muses group (and helper) are: PrueDuctions (Thalia), Ambrose Cosplay (Megara), Valster1990 (Hercules), Katastrophe Lady (Clio), Ascheley Does Cosplay (Calliope), Steph (Terpischore) and our helper KaiLeighBow Cosplay

Whether or not we were going to win anything, we all came off stage completely ecstatic and had the best time of our lives. Our fellow competitors showered us with love and compliments, and that really made us feel incredible!

When we learned that we had won an award, I was so excited! It was my first WonderCon and first big masquerade competition! And guess what we won? Most Humorous :)

Our group accepting our Most Humorous award! Photo by SandraSoapbox

With that very successful win under our belt, we were determined to sleep in the next day and have a nice relaxing last day of WonderCon!

We had originally planned on wearing our Muses again for a photo and video shoot, but one of our muses couldn't make it so some of us opted for different costumes.

At the Disney meetup, we beat a record with 191 cosplayers in attendance. Yes, it was crowded and hot! Once the group photo was taken, everyone was divided into their respective group shots.

The complete Disney meet up group

Group shot of last night's masquerade winners!

Also, this amazing creation!

With WonderCon 2019 coming to a close, I made my last round the vendor hall for gifts and we mingled near the fountain for the last pictures of the con. I was sad to leave but so grateful for the amazing memories! I'm ready to come back next year!

Dinner at Oggie's finish off an amazing trip!

Check out more awesome cosplayers and photos in my gallery!

Photos in this post provided by: Valentin Navarro, Katherine Abruzzes, Robert T Photography, SandraSoapbox

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