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Character: Moana     
Series: Moana
Debuted: Saboten-Con 2018
Creation: Self made
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About this costume

Selection Process: I absolutely loved Moana the minute I watched it. I knew that I would probably have to make all her costumes! I  actually made this costume after I made her Chieftess costume. I work as a party princess so I had a costume provided for a while, and finally decided it was time to make my own when we planned a trip to Hawaii! Thanks to this amazing tutorial by Ambrose Cosplay, I was able to make it in a week!

Construction: The wig is this amazing lace front I got for about $45 on Amazon. It has survived quite a bit, and is due for a restyle! The first fabric I tried for the skirt was a really heavy muslin, as I wanted to save money and not use the monkcloth. But after washing it, it wrinkled so badly nothing I could do would iron out. So instead I opted for a printed cotton. I had to use interfacing because it was quite thin. The red fabric is also a printed cotton. I used patterns for both the top and skirt, and used templates provided by Ambrose Cosplay for the flowers and designs. Some of the brown patterns are painted with acrylic, and others are hand embroidered. I made the back a lace-up style in case I planned on selling it, but it ended up a bit too big! I still need to fix that. The grass skirt is made from a raffia grass table skirt, trimmed and wrapped around a few times. It can be steamed a few times to get out the crinkles but will eventually need replacing. I wear mine 1 or 2 times a month and have already had to replace it. I had trouble finding the right leaves and plumeria so settled on the white flowers. I later ordered the perfect flower crown from and transferred them to a wire. I used the old flower crown to make one for Christmas, and I also created a winter capelet with the help of my friend PrueDuctions.

Final Thoughts: I have never worn one of my costumes so much. Considering I work in it, I rarely wear it for events. In fact, the only reason I wore it to Saboten-Con was because I ended up taking last minute gigs that morning and didn't have time to change to go to SaboCon. I plan on making another one, and then possibly making more for others.

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