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Disney    Cosplay

Character: Moana     
Series: Moana
Variation: Way Finder
Debuted: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography
Awards: 2nd Place Journeyman - Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019


About this costume

Selection Process: I absolutely loved Moana the minute I watched it. I knew that I would probably have to make all her costumes! I decided to make the cape that the LE collector's doll wears to give it more flair!


Construction: I first had to study up on the history of her outfit, by searching the web and asking friends of Islander ancestry. I learned that Tahitian chiefs often wore capes of feathers! So I ordered about 1000 feathers online, and prepared myself! I made my own feather trim, cutting the bottoms and gluing them to bias tape. Then I sewed each strip onto the cape. I made the top using a pattern and glued each feather directly to the top. The skirt has a fabric base. I used raffia table skirts, cutting pieces and gluing the extras in to fill it out. The leaves are all cut fabric and hand painted. The first time I wore it, I didn't  have time to make a matching flower crown, but my second wear, I ordered a yellow one online and painted it varying shades of red, and made flowers from craft foam. The necklace is made of clay and a bit of worbla!

Final Thoughts: I'm so proud of the work I put into this costume. Unfortunately, due to its nature, it will forever need feather touchups but I love wearing it and I definitely feel like a Chief!

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