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Disney    Cosplay

Character: Ariel   
Series: The Little Mermaid
Variation: Kiss The Girl
Debuted: MCM London 2016
Creation: Self made
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About this costume

Selection Process: Ariel was my favorite Disney princess until Moana arrived, and I had always thought about doing a Disney cosplay but always felt I just looked too off! I finally made this version of Ariel on a whim before we went to MCM London.

Construction: Because I had little planning time (as I always do) I only made the blouse, skirt and petticoat. At MCM, I borrowed the bodice from my friend DZ Cosplay. The wig was ordered from Amazon and I styled it in the hotel room the night before. I wasn't completely pleased but I had very little wig styling experience. I hadn't given the costume much thought until I was building my line-up for Tucson Comic-con, and again, had to borrow a bodice from my friend PrueDuctions. When will I ever learn? My second time styling this wig, I had learned a few new tricks and was pleased with the outcome. By the third wear, the wig is ready for a complete overhaul but has stood up well considering it is a low quality wig. By my 4th wear to Kikori-con 2019, I finally strapped down and made a corset! I found loads of black velvet at Goodwill and used a pattern. I added a side zipper for easy wear!

Final Thoughts: This is a fairly comfortable and easy to wear costume that I can just throw on any time. It also satisfies my craving to be a princess for a day!

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