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Character: Creepy Doll
Series: Original
Debuted: Halloween 2017
Creation:  Self made
Profile Photo: @Crisus519


About this costume

Selection Process: I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I use to make my own costumes (sexy ones of course!) because it was so much cheaper than buying overpriced ones. When I lived overseas I didn't always get to celebrate Halloween, so my first Halloween back home I threw a party and made a costume!

Construction: This dress was super easy to make following the pattern. I altered a few things - I made the skirt much shorter, since I am short anyway, and the under skirt a separate piece (because I love separates!). The skull fabric is actually glow in the dark, so I thought the dress could be versatile by swapping it out with a non-Halloween skirt. I created a matching bow, added effects with make-up and BOOM! 

Final Thoughts: I love this cute little costume. Not sure if I will have an opportunity to wear it again, but I'll keep it for a while!

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