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Character: Frankie Stein  

Series: Monster High

Variation: Introduction Outfit

Debuted: Middle East Film & Comicon 2016

Time:  4 Days

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About this costume

Selection Process: I'm a huge Monster High doll collector and Frankie is one of my favorites. She is also my very first doll when I purchased the San Diego Comic-con exclusive! When I announced I was doing Frankie for MEFCC, an acquaintance matched me with her sisters who were doing a group in the costume contest.

Construction: I wanted the exact plaid without breaking the budget, so I purchased an XL children's costume and began dismantling it! I replaced all the parts that were not plaid - better quality white fabric, poofier black sleeves and more petti in the petticoat. I also use the old tie as a pattern to make a larger tie. I found a pleather belt and added the studs, and reused the lightning bolt design. I ordered my wig from AliExpress and added more stripes in the front (it was in very distinct chunks of color) and some extra hair to poof up the top. Earrings are from Steamwolf Symphony. I had initially ordered a colored bodysuit from AliExpress, but they sent me the wrong color. I was only able to get a half refund, but I had never used body paint before and it was intimidating. Luckily, one of the girls is a make-up artist and applied my paint. My stitches were made with clear straps (like the kind you find on your clothes to keep from falling off the hangar), yarn and duct tape. The shoes were purchased on AliExpress and I added the white stripes.

Final Thoughts: We had a great time in our costumes, and our dance on stage. I did wear this costume again in Phoenix, but hadn't mastered the art of body paint at that point so a lot of the paint came off. I definitely would love to wear it again, but I'll most likely use a body suit as painting takes a very long time. I do have a MH group in the works in the near future!

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