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Character: Transformers Pinup  
Series: Transformers
Variation: Vintage bedsheet pinup
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2010
Creation:  Self made
Profile Photo: Chanh Tang


About this costume

Selection Process: A group of friends had decided that we'd do a vintage bedsheets pinup group! We actually still had these Transformers sheets in our house but my mom banned me from touching them so I found these on eBay!

Construction: My mom constructed the blouse from the pattern and I made the skirt and we attached it to be one dress. We added the waistband and the rest is history! This was a very easy dress, and just took some vintage inspired accessories and styling to finish the look!

Final Thoughts: I loved the attention this outfit got every time I wore it!  Unfortunately, it no longer fits but will probably stay in my wardrobe forever!

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