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Character: Shank  
Series: Wreck-It Ralph 2
Debuted: Kikori-Con 2019
Creation: Closet
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About this costume

Selection Process: As I was sitting in the theater watching Wreck-It Ralph 2, I realized that I could easily closet cosplay Shank! Plus she was kick-ass!

Construction: I already owned the jacket - I hadn't worn it yet, but it's actually a DKNY kid's jacket that I found at Last Chance for $15! I already owned the boots and my hair was basically it! I purchased the jeans and red top from Goodwill. Gloves and earrings were purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. The belt came from my husband's closet! This is probably one of the simplest cosplays I've put together in the last few years and I didn't even feel like I was in cosplay! 

Final Thoughts: I wore this to a small little con in Flagstaff; Kikori-Con. No one really noticed me but I still had fun! It's good to have an easy costume in your back pocket in a pinch!

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