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Comics Cosplay

Character: Mei Yeoh         
Series: Danger Girl
Variation: Kamikazi
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2008
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: BlankLogo Photography

About this costume

Selection Process: I didn't read Danger Girl, but I joined my group of friends. I used to have this hang-up about only cosplaying Asian characters, or characters I thought I resembled, so I was assigned Mei Yeoh from the DG 2 part comic Kamikazi. It wasn't until I met Yaya Han in our Witchblade group that she opened my eyes to cosplaying whatever it is that you want.

Construction: Construction was pretty simple. I altered the top, and created the waist band and hood. I took a pair of swimming goggles and colored the lenses with Sharpie!

Final Thoughts: Cosplaying with this group was always fun, and we always got a ton of attention. I miss the good ol' days!

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