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Comics Cosplay

Character: Enola         
Series: Witchblade
Variation: Bearers of the Blade
Debuted: San Diego Comic-con 2008
Creation: Purchased
Profile Photo: Kevin Green

About this costume

Selection Process: I've actually never gotten into Witchblade, but I joined a group of friends doing the Bearers of the Blade group. They assigned me Enola, an incredible gunslinger of the Wild West.

Construction: The reference picture you see is what I was given so I wasn't given much to work with. I was also procrastinating because that was the entirety of my 20's in cosplay, so I purchased the shirt and pants and sewed on fringe. I already owned the boots, and bought a hat. The gun, bullet belt, Witchblade and face accessory was lent by my friends.

Final Thoughts: It was pretty fun to be a part of such a large group. We even hung around the Top Cow booth and got photos with Witchblade creator Marc Silvetri. Woo hoo!

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