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Character: Hayan Park        
Series: Webtoon: Unholy Blood
Debuted: October 2020
Creation: Closet
Profile Photo: 


About this costume

Selection Process: I've been really into Unholy Blood and just latched onto Hayan immediately. I can't get enough of this web comic! So when I was going to help out a friend with a photoshoot, he was like, c'mon, we can do a few pics of you. So I literally threw this costume together in 30 minutes from what I already owned!

Construction: Obviously, Hayan dresses like any standard college student/young adult so I just threw on clothes from my wardrobe. The wig was given to me by a friend who was destashing her cosplay, lucky me! I had already had the fangs and sticky nails from Bowsette! I did do quite a bit of editing - my fangs didn't show up enough, and I enhanced the blue contacts.

Final Thoughts: I like the way it turned out, and I'm not sure I'll do another Hayan cosplay.... we'll see!

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