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Disney    Cosplay

Character: Moana     
Series: Moana
Variation: Amazon of Themyscira
Debuted: April 2019
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Kincart Photography


About this costume

Selection Process: Ok, yes, this is my 3rd version of Moana and that probably won't end there... I'll be honest, I still haven't even watched the Wonder Woman movie, but when friends wanna collab and do groups I can never say no! These Disney princesses are inspired by the Amazons of Themyscira so each one was designed by the individual wearing it.


Construction: I wanted to keep the similar look of Moana's outfit but just made it in the style of Amazons, so I kept the two piece look. But I did go a little bit in the tribal direction too. The top is foam covered in faux leather. The patterns are paint (and boy, did I have problems (and still) with keeping that paint from peeling off). Rivets keep most of this costume together. The skirt was made of both red and beige faux leather over foam. I did make it quite short to mimic the Amazon style; I imagine it's short for mobility. I ordered a pair of burgundy bloomers from Amazon. I had lots of scraps from all the grass skirts I have cut in the past and had the mind to keep them, so I added them to the bottom of the skirt. The cape if faux fur (and is the leftover from my winter cape!) with a matching patterned upholstery fabric on the outside. I added a variety of shells throughout the outfit; on the cape, skirt, armband, headpiece and even in the wig. The headpiece is a simple leather woven braid with shells. I added a couple of braids in my wig to add some interest. I used the same necklace I made for classic Moana and already owned the gladiator sandals. I made the oar previously but was having some problems with his (it splits in half for easy transporting but the glue on some parts weren't sticking) so you see a shortened version of it in the pics.


Final Thoughts: I always love the chance to be Moana, and being with all my awesome cosplay friends was a lot of fun as it always is! I'm not completely happy with about half of this costume, but I had a great time wearing it around Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 - although it was an alternate version of Moana it was still highly recognizable and everyone loved it! We plan on getting this group together again later this year with even more princesses!

Our Amazons: Cinderella is Amber Brite, Merida is Sam of ThermoCosplay, Belle is PrueDuctions, Jasmine is KatastropheLady, Anna is Lina of ThermoCosplay, Tinkerbell is Byrning Raven.

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