Disney    Cosplay

Character: Melpomene 

Series: Hercules


Debuted: WonderCon 2019

Time: 3 Days

Profile Photo:

Awards: Most Humorous - WonderCon 2019

About this costume

Selection Process: I was asked by PrueDuctions and Ambrose Cosplay to join their Hercules Muses group and there you have it!

Construction: The fabric was purchased in bulk to ensure we all had the same quality.  I used an altered pattern and cut the pieces, and PrueDuctions helped me complete it. She also made the mask. The wig is actually two pieces - one regular wig worn on top and then a hairy foam monstrosity worn with a strap underneath. An identical wig to the top wig was deconstructed  and along with several other deconstructed wigs and wefts, we sewed them to a piece of black foam. I curled all the hair using steam. I added a thick elastic band to the foam piece, and I would put this on first and then the normal wig on top of it. We did this because I felt the costume itself was very simple, and I wanted the hair to comically stand out like it does in the movie.

Final Thoughts: I missed the official photo shoot so unfortunately I don't have any better pics of this costume and there won't be any in the future. But I had an absolute blast with this group cosplay!

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