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Video Game Cosplay

Character: D.Va
Series: Overwatch  
Variation: Academy Skin
Debuted: Game On Expo 2019
Creation: Altered pre-made, self-made
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About this costume

Selection Process: I'm pretty sure by now you can tell that I love D.Va. And of course, this skin is ridiculously adorable.

Construction: As per usual, I made this with not enough time before I had to wear it. I started with the skirt. I wanted the exact plaid so I painted it with acrylic and fabric medium, although it still made the fabric stiff. And dumb me, didn't realize I had to make two parts of the skirt, and I had already thrown away the paint I mixed so I had to mix more and try to color match. The blouse was already in my wardrobe from Goodwill (it was originally long sleeved but I had cut it because it had a weird design) and it being 3/4 length is good because it's usually pretty hot in Phoenix. I made the tie with leftover painted fabric, just attached with a brooch pin. The blazer is also from Goodwill, cropped shorter. I added the gold trim and pink details (I made the shoulder details later). The shoes were from Goodwill, painted and relaced. The headphones were a pair of Steel Series behind-the-head headphones I'd had for years and never used (they were complimentary) and honestly not all that comfortable. I just held onto them because I felt like they were too valuable to let go? I was just about to donate them when I decided to do this costume so it was perfect timing. I spray painted the pink details and the gold is just craft foam that I attached with double stick tape. I didn't want to damage the headphones and they still do work. The wig was already in my collection, and the glasses are what I wear everyday! I didn't bother making another gun because gun props are banned from the Phoenix Convention Center, and just use my D.Va Nerf gun all other times. To make the shoulder detail, I covered craft foam in heat transfer vinyl and pink bias tape I used on the pockets, and attached with hot glue. 

Final Thoughts: This costume is pretty comfortable to wear, EXCEPT that after some time, wearing a wig, glasses and headphones does get a little painful. Overall, I love this costume and it'll stay in my rotation for a while! Also, I included my makeup process in he WIP gallery.

Work In Progress Gallery