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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Evelynn
Series: League of Legends 
Variation: KDA Popstars
Debuted: Sabotencon 2019
Creation: 90% purchased
Profile Photo: OrangeSlice Media


About this costume

Selection Process: I've always admired all the character designs and skins from League of Legends, but I HATE the gameplay. So yes, I'm guilty of cosplaying from a fandom I don't actually get into BUT when they released that music video I was HOOKED! So when Amber Brite and ThermoCosplay needed Evelynn to complete their K/DA group, how could I say no?

Construction: I don't usually purchase costumes, but since this was a fandom I wasn't big in, I didn't want to spend too much money and time on it. This costume was actually only $45 from AliExpress, and it included the top, skirt, stole, arm pieces and necklace. The quality is amazing for the price. I did have to make a few slight alterations but overall it's a great costume. The wig and glasses came from Amazon. The boots were from Goodwill and I made an ankle piece from faux leather to recreate the same style she wears. The claws took me about a day to complete. I cut part of a black glove, sculpted the claws from worbla and painted them, and hot glued them to the fingers. The fingernails I purchased from Amazon. The contact lenses are actually from waaaay back when I cosplayed Widowmaker - the original pair I had ordered was lost in the mail, and I had ordered this pair from and never used them. I actually like these better than my Widowmaker ones as they have a bit more depth. I may make the slashers for the next time I wear it.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was ridiculously fun! Having a full group was definitely an attention getter and I got to hang with my bestest cosplay friends! I definitely want to wear this again and possibly get some awesome videos done too.

Ahri: Sam of ThermoCosplay

Akali: Lina of ThermoCosplay

Kaisa: Amber Brite Props

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