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Video Game Cosplay

Character:  Tifa Lockhart     
Series: Final Fantasy 7 Remake  
Variation: Sporty Wall Market Dress
Debuted: 2021
Creation: Pre-made
Profile Photo: Ty Ng


About this costume

Selection Process: I have always been an FF fangirl, specifically 7 and 8, so naturally I am OBSESSED with FF7 Remake. This one is my favorite of her 3 bridal dresses.

Construction: This cosplay was purchased on AliExpress. It came with: dress, stockings, bracelets, flower pin, and hair bun scrunchies. I purchased another pair of stockings, shoes, and faux hair buns on AliExpress. The contact lenses are from Uniqso.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely adore being in this costume!!!


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