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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Mephilia Venus
Series: Bravely Default
Debuted: IGN Dubai 2014
Creation: Self-made
Profile Photo: JeffreyPabroquez


About this costume

Selection Process: I really loved Bravely Default (that is, until it got boring in the end) but none of the main characters' costumes were reaching out to me. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the job class costumes, too. I loved Mephilia and how whimsically evil she was. Plus, it was something I'd never done before and I wanted to go out of my comfort zone.

Construction: I made the dress as one piece, with a purchased waist cincher (from Amazon) over it. I added a strip of detail that was detachable to the front of the cincher. The skirt part was tricky - I inserted wire into the black flaps, but looking back on it I could have used foam and cardboard. The fairy wings of the skirt are made with wire, cellophane and painted with glass paints. Her shoulder pieces and gem molds are made from clay, as well as the gold details on the skirt wings and her hair piece. The wig was purchased from Amazon and ombre painted with watered down acrylic. Unfortunately, it's not very noticeable. I never got around to making the bun for her hair. The gems and feathers were all purchased locally. Leggings and boots were purchased, and boot covers made.

Final Thoughts: The costume was beautiful, but difficult to get into and sit in. The wig was too cheap and the second time I wore it, it just looked a mess. I packed it up and took it from Dubai back home to Phoenix and it didn't quite survive the trip so it's safe to say this one is retired!

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