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Character: Jasmine     
Series: Live Action Aladdin
Variation: Pink Dress
Debuted: March 2021
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Bros N Cons


About this costume

Selection Process: I love love love the Live Action Aladdin, I don't care what anyone says! I knew I wanted to cosplay this outfit but I thought I wasn't skilled enough to make it and considered buying it. But I didn't like any of the pre-made dresses out there, and my friend Ambrose Cosplay had just shared a beautiful costume she made and I was inspired! It was also right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic so I had plenty of time!


Construction: I spent the most amount of time on this costume than any other costume I've made. I used a couple different patterns and decided to make it a two piece instead of a single dress. The top was initially zipped as you can see in the WIP gallery but months later I uh... gained the quarantine fifteen and changed it to a corset lace up. There are 5 different golden trims and what could be machine sewed was and everything else was painstakingly hand sewn. There are probably over 3000 hot fix gems and hundreds of beads on the gown. The costume is a total of 4 pieces: top, over skirt, under skirt, and pants. I snuck some pockets into the pants!

The jewelry and crown were purchased on AliExpress - and I used multiple sets to add the broaches on the bodice. I added UV resin to the pieces to make the colors all match and give it more of a luxurious feel. I purchased the shoes on Poshmark, cast the resin jewels and made them removeable from the shoe.

Final Thoughts: This dress is heavy and not the most comfortable but I definitely do feel like a princess wearing it! I'm really proud and impressed with myself!

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