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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Ochaco Uraraka      
Series: My Hero Academia
Variation: Fantasy AU
Debuted: March 2022
CreationHand made
Profile Photo: Shining Eternity



About this costume

Selection Process: I love a lot of Rumiko Takahashi's works, and InuYasha is no exception! There are a few characters from IY I want to cosplay, but I figured I need something quick, simple and comfortable for those days of events I just CBF!

Construction: The costume conssisting of the skirt, blouse and socks were purchased on AliExpress. The socks were just nylon knee highs so I bought these on Amazon. I decided not to get specifically slouchy socks because I like reusability in my cosplay items so I found these amazing thigh high socks that worked so well! The costume fit mostly well but the sleeves were comically too long so I fixed them. The shoes were from Goodwill and the wig was from Amazon. I styled it into a poofy anime style! The bow and quiver were borrowed from ThermoCosplay but I linked a similar item below. 

Final Thoughts: As expected, it is very comfortable to wear. The cosplay is simple enough to throw on at a moment's notice!

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