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Character: Umi Ryuuzaki            
Series: Magic Knight Rayearth
Variation: Sunset Dragon Design
Debuted: Taiyou-Con 2020
Creation: Self made
Profile Photo: Apologetic Cosplay
Awards: Best Performance, Masters -
Taiyou-con 2020


About this costume

Selection Process: MKR is one of my favorite retro anime! And Umi has always been my favorite. Of course, I joined ThermoCosplay to do a group for Taiyou-con. And we seemed to be on a roll with the SunsetDragon designs... sooo why not!

Construction: Tricky. There are so many pieces to this costume, as I tend to do with all of SunsetDragon's designs. A new material I worked with was foam clay, which I used for the horn. I used wire in a headband as the base and wrapped the clay around it. The headpiece has magnets to stay on the wig. The bodice is actually two parts - the dragon scale (amazing cosplay fabric by Yaya Han) is a one piece leotard, and the pleather part is separate. The two capes attach to this piece. I used an old pair of ankle boots and patterned boot covers. The gloves are actually two pieces - I made the simple white gloves and then the upper part is a separate piece. The dragon emblem and on the sword were made with a Cricut. The rapier was actually fashioned from my Arrietty pin, with the handle made by wrapping some foam and fabric, and voila! 

Final Thoughts: I really love this costume. It was a pain to make but I didn't think I would look as good as I feel in it! It's a really beautiful design and I feel pretty regal and powerful in it!

Fuu: Sam of ThermoCosplay

Emeraude: Lina of ThermoCosplay

We will be adding Hikaru soon!

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