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Video Game Cosplay

Character: Josie Rizal
Series: Tekken 7
Debuted: Middle East Film & Comicon 2015
Creation: Self-made
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About this costume

Selection Process: Um hello?! She's Filipina so of course I had to represent! I made this costume after she was barely announced, and even the thought of not even putting her in the game!

Construction: This costume was pretty simple. The top is made of spandex, so I easily drafted a pattern. I cut some lace pieces and hand sewed them onto the collar and sleeves. That took the most time. The skirt was from an altered pattern. I colored the lace appliques with Sharpie and hand sewed them. I constructed the sandals by tearing apart a pair of slippers to use the base, drafted patterns over my legs with craft foam, and spray painted them. I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Dubai on the 26th floor, so I actually had to lock my cats away and open the window (the window has no safety and anyone can easily fall out) to ventilate the space while I painted. I may have also gotten a bit on the tile floor. Oops. All of her other accessories are also made with craft foam and spray painted. The wig was  purchased on Amazon. The funny thing is that it's almost the exact same style as my Elika wig, but that was packed in a box back home in Phoenix!

Final Thoughts: Considering the huge Filipino community in Dubai (and especially those in the geek community) it got a huge response, and everyone loved it. It was definitely comfortable to wear considering the heat.

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