Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Rei Hino          

Series: Sailor Moon 

Variation: Fruit Maid

Debuted: Saboten-con 2019

Time: 1 day

Profile Photo: Hyn May Productions

About this costume

Selection Process: I actually have always wanted to cosplay Sailor Mars, but just never did. So when Sam of ThermoCosplay asked me to join the group, I happily accepted!

Construction: Super easy. The dress was purchased on Amazon, and the apron also from Amazon, altered and ribbons added. Shoes were found at Goodwill, and I made the headband.

Final Thoughts: Always a lot of fun with these girls! Not sure if I'll get around to wearing this again, but if I do, I'll fix the apron to be a bit more accurate.

Pluto: PrueDuctions

Uranus: Ultra Cosplay 

Saturn: Kayla

Chibi-moon: Trish

Moon: Amber Brite Props

Mercury: ImagineMini

Jupiter: Sam of ThermoCosplay

Venus: Lina of ThermoCosplay

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