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Anime & Manga Cosplay

Character: Yuri Honjo
Series: High-Rise Invasion
Debuted: Ganbatte 2021
Creation: Purchased
Profile Photo: M3 Photo



About this costume

Selection Process: I have been wanting to add more anime and easy to wear cosplays to my rotation. When I saw this anime on Netflix I was confused but intrigued!

Construction: This costume was purchased from AliExpress. It came with the skirt, blouse, bow and utility belt. The wig was gifted to me by ThermoCosplay. The boots I purchased for a previous cosplay from Goodwill. The gun is a rubber prop from Amazon. I had to make some significant adjustments to the fit but the costume was cheap and the adjustments were easy.

Final Thoughts: This is such a great cosplay to have as a last minute or easy wear day. It doesn't really get recognized or gets confused for a lot of other characters but I still love it.


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